Our clients make headline news across the national, regional, and local landscape!

Immerse Agency’s public relations team generates results for its clients at the national, regional, or local levels through the critical use of our contacts with editors at leading media outlets coast-to-coast. We use these connections and in-depth know-how for both strategy and execution to see through maximum exposure for our clients!

High-impact public relations is where Immerse Agency shines:

  • We have relationships with virtually EVERY MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET throughout the country
  • We’ve generated $4 TRILLION in earned media for a single client
  • We’ve obtained over 500 MILLION views on YouTube
  • We’ve achieved over 1 BILLION views on Social for our clients
  • We’ve acquired live shots and interviews in OVER 75 MEDIA MARKETS across the US

How do we achieve public relations success for our clients?

Immerse Agency conceives compelling stories and funnels them to specific key audiences. We know the importance of fostering and maintaining relationships with media outlets around the country, giving us the edge in landing coverage for our clients.

Your brand’s key messaging, business objectives, and target audiences are the focal point in building a customized strategy that is right for your campaign goals. We utilize both traditional and digital media strategies that generate exposure and resonate with audiences. 

At Immerse Agency, we believe in advancement for our clients, clear communication channels, and respect in our partnerships.

Are you looking for your next PR campaign? Let Immerse Agency conceive a strategy that will produce results and engage your audience through digital and traditional media landscapes.

National Public Relations Outreach

Immerse Agency’s work ethic is unmatched in securing media coverage for its clients. This hard work ultimately generates awareness, builds brand recognition, and engages new audiences. Our client portfolio has put us to work with every major media outlet in the country. Below are just a few of the many national print, digital, and television media segments secured for various client initiatives.

Local Public Relations

While national headlines get the glory and attention to a broader viewership, it might not hit the targeted audience specific to a client’s needs. Immerse Agency’s staff targets localized media outlets that will engage and convert specific audiences to our client’s individual needs and initiatives.

From local television and print news stories in addition to regional-specific websites and social media micro-influencers, Immerse Agency has a portfolio of media coverage that is unrivaled on the local media landscape.  Below are just a few of the local print, digital, and television partners we’ve worked with for various client initiatives:

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