Jewelry in a shop



A brand-new custom jewelry and precious gem business was set to make its grand opening at the prestigious Jeweler’s Building in downtown Boston, without a business name, branding, or website.



Starting from scratch and on a tight deadline, the owners came to Immerse Agency for a complete build of its business branding, creative, website, SEO, and digital marketing campaign.

Beginning with the task of creating the business name, The Diamond Spot, Immerse Agency then moved on to the conceptualization and production of the complete branding for the business, which included logos, key imagery colors, website, and other creative elements for marketing a brand-new company.

The final task was the expansion of The Diamond Spot’s SEO and digital ad creation and placement on Google and Facebook with a targeted ad campaign.



The unique positioning strategy, eye-catching creative, and comprehensive digital strategy has set The Diamond Spot apart from the rest of the competition in the highly competitive world of custom jewelry and precious gems at one of the most premier diamond buying locations in the world.

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