A leading Esthetician School, The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, sought a new brand identity and a new, young wave of applicants.



Our first step, as always, was to study their existing data. Through a zip code analysis of their previous applicants, we assessed their trading area to build out primary and secondary geographic focuses. To target their campaign, we overlapped this with income, race, age, language, and other information we were able to cull from their existing enrollment data to determine the optimal towns/regions and demographics/psychographics.

Immerse Agency crafted TV spots, radio spots, and ultimately a new creative look and feel driven through testimonials of real graduates, current students, and faculty.

We rolled out an efficient and effective marketing plan, utilizing broadcast television and radio, with focused layers of zoned cable and geographically targeted digital advertising, including paid Facebook ads. The Facebook campaign served to be one of the most fruitful platforms due to the targeting of people’s interests.



The result was inspiring and instantaneous as applications skyrocketed by 157% in the first month the campaign ran – can’t argue with success.

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