We are experts in devising and executing mutually beneficial relationships with strategic partners across the community in a fashion that will drive results. These programs are proven to enhance community relations, generate significant reach, and deliver sales.

What is partnership marketing?

At Immerse Agency partnership marketing is one of our core competencies.  Partnership marketing is a strategic way to increase your company’s presence in the market without expanding your marketing budget. Immerse Agency specializes in creating these relationships with other businesses to help achieve your business goals. These strategic alliances deliver your messaging in an environment that prospective customers trust.  We’ve devised and implemented these programs with a variety of partners from local fixtures in a community to large worldwide conglomerates. Well crafted, effective partnerships are a simple and effective way for brands to grow their audiences.

Check out some of the strategic partnerships we’ve built here at Immerse Agency:

Types of Partnerships

Immerse Agency has secured partnerships with a wide range of businesses for our clients.   We build custom packages for each project we work on and depending on your business’s target audience, Immerse Agency will match your brand with many highly visible companies that can achieve your goals. Examples include:

Partnerships with supermarkets present an excellent opportunity for cross-promotion, such as bag stuffers, in-store radio exposure, inclusion in the supermarket’s circulars, and coupon distribution through the customer service desk and/or point of sale. Reaching consumers where they shop every week not only re-enforces your messaging but also distributes savings/discounts to an ultra-specific target market, adding to your revenue goals.

A partnership with a local coffee shop or multi-location coffee chain provides access to co-branded, in-store materials. Immerse Agency will often facilitate relationships for branded coffee sleeves, in-store signage, coupons at the point of sale, drive through signage, in-store radio, package stickers, and more to touch consumers in their everyday lives.

Corner store partnerships give your company cross-promotion, including bottleneck hangers, refrigerator signage, full beverage displays, and coupons at the point of sale. Immerse Agency has often partnered with a 3rd party to activate corner store partnerships which will add significant shelf space and often cover the partnership activation costs.

Local bottlers, often including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, water companies and more, have access to significant shelf space in supermarkets, corner stores and quick-service restaurants.  Leveraging a strategic offer that can help them drive sales will act as leverage to in-store promotion including end-caps, point of sale and more.

A successful public transportation partnership will result in out of home media exposure. Immerse Agency has partnered with public transportation in a mutually beneficial manner that utilizes their media space to advertise for a collective goal, such as “Ride public transportation to [insert client’s name].”  This is often advertised on bus queens/kings/backs/interior car cards and at bus and train stations. We are also able to weave our clients into their e-communication. A partnership with a regional public transportation department has successfully reached consumers in and around city centers.

A partnership with the Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) is a great tool to garner access to the tourist market. These avenues of exposure can be through the CVB’s website, social media channels, and the like. Utilizing a relationship with the CVB can also create relationships with the hotels, airports, and train stations to gain promotional exposure through those tourist hot spots. The CVB often has a large reach across digital platforms and significant advertising in the market that clients may be able to tap into.

The Chamber of Commerce is a vital resource and partnership opportunity. This relationship will act as leverage to open the door to crucial local business partners and help you align with restaurants, small businesses, and other organizations that work with the Chamber.

Bars and restaurants provide an outstanding opportunity to reach your customer where they spend time with their friends and family. Immerse Agency has partnered with local bars to put together branded coaster programs and partnered with restaurants to garner bill stuffers, table tent displays, and more.

A high foot-traffic restaurant, quick service locations are apt to run promotion of this nature.  Communication avenues have been on tray-liners, drive-through signage, on cups, table tents, window clings and more.  QSR’s also spend significant money on local advertising in the market and when a strong enough promotional opportunity is on the table, they have proven able to customize creative to their monthly promotions which can garner our clients no-charge advertising.

Partnering with hotels is a proven tactic to reach the tourist market. Immerse Agency has partnered with countless hotel and tourist destinations, which resulted in partnerships that include key card inserts, hotel lobby signage, in-room table tent ads, and much more. Hotel partnerships have proven to capture the eyes of tourists coming in and out of a market.

Cultural institutions are a strategic partner that can deliver high-income, highly educated prospects.  They typically have large lists, engaged members, and a flexible infrastructure to run trade promotions.

Depending on your business, a variety of partnerships may apply.  Immerse Agency succeeds by building programs that suit our clients’ needs, goals and target audience.  We’ll devise a custom package for you!

Partnership marketing is not a cookie-cutter approach and is custom-tailored to each client and their target audience. Immerse Agency creates custom pitch lists based on the industry we’re working in and the best opportunity to drive sales for you.

We’ve partnered with some of the largest brands on the continent:

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