Our Expertise

Having experience in over 40 major media markets across North America, Immerse Agency and its executive team have worked with more than 100 of the biggest entities in the world, from Fortune 500 companies, to national non-profits, museums, sports teams, retailers, tourist destinations and more.  We thrive at building multi-platform, fully integrated marketing plans that combine innovation with tried and tested tactics to drive sales for our clients.

Marketing Strategy

Start with a roundtable, a smart group and a blank slate…. Strategy is devised with an open mind and often a fresh approach.  In this setting and with this mind-set our clients are amazed by the thorough and comprehensive campaigns we build that drive sales without driving up the marketing budget. Consider a fresh point of view; ours will be filled with sound and thoughtful recommendations that will shape your marketing strategy from top down.


The media landscape is ever changing.  The effective media buyers in the industry are watching the trends and adapting with them.  We have our innovative minds at the forefront of these trends within TV, Radio, Out of Home, Internet, Print, Social and many non-traditional platforms. Our seasoned team has an expertise in leveraging our clients' cash expenditures to maximize the exposure through bonus, promotion and trade.   Having worked in virtually every major media market across the United States, we adapt to the trends, learn from our prior successes and blend an effective multimedia mix for our clientele.

Public Relations

Our clients are headline news!  With a strategic approach to public relations, coupled with unrivaled tactical execution, we strive to position (and, at times, reposition) our clients to ensure they remain at the forefront of local, regional, national and social media.  Successful public relations lies in the ability to write and tell a unique story and then effectively feed it to the press.


Captivating design is fueled by creative minds. People who are clever, sharp and innovative change the industry and dispel the norm. Immerse Agency encourages a work environment that allows creativity to thrive, which permeates into our work and ultimately into our product. With an insightful, strategic and proactive approach to creative design, we transform our clients’ visions, values and identity into art - we use that art as a catalyst to enhance their sales. Immerse Agency is a one-stop shop for your full creative suite, specializing in graphic design, branding, television production, radio production, digital creative and other artistic needs.


Digital marketing is no longer the way of the future; it’s the way of the present.  And your company's success lies in the ability to qualify new audiences and work them through your digital funnel to drive sales.  Immerse Agency specializes in building smart digital marketing campaigns that are efficient at moving potential customers through that funnel.  Our team has a depth of experience in applying this across social media advertising, Google advertising (PPC/display), retargeting, lookalike targeting, SEO and ultimately, in developing the strategy the allows each of these components, and more, to work together to maximize your digital goals - read more about our digital services.


Whether you’re looking to jump head first or dip your toes in, we’re here to help.

Ticket Sales

Immerse Agency and its management team have been responsible for the sale of over 12 million tickets for their clients. To say it’s an "expertise" would be an understatement, a "core competence" would cut our depth in the industry far too short; selling tickets is like breathing in our office. We understand that a ticket is perishable and can offer a toolbox full of tactics devised to ensure it does not expire. Our proprietary approach allows us to advise our clients on tactics that have been successful in keeping the turnstiles churning time and time again.

Partnership Marketing

Don’t these partners speak for themselves!?! Immerse Agency has aligned our clients with all of the following brands through mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships:

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is about making one-on-one connections with your customers.  At Immerse Agency, we don’t just push paper at people like an everyday street team; we forge relationships with them. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and your brand, and therefore we put clean-cut, intelligent and passionate ambassadors on the streets to enhance your connection and interaction with the public.  Our approach offers a marketing arm that extends your brand to all corners of the country through hand-to-hand distribution, sampling and interaction that will make a long-term impact for you with local consumers.