Let us build you a multi-media mix that will ignite the market through a strategic and comprehensive advertising plan proven to drive results.  We base our campaigns on tried and true tactics, rooted in data and unparalleled execution.

Media Buying Overview

In the ever-changing media landscape, effective media buyers like us move with the trends and adapt to them. Our innovative work pushes us to the forefront of these trends on a number of platforms including TV, radio, out-of-home, digital, social, print, and many non-traditional platforms. The Immerse Agency team has expertise in leveraging our clients’ cash expenditures to maximize exposure through bonus, promotions, and trade. We’ve spent years working in the largest markets across the country and built relationships to leverage stronger campaigns for our clients. 

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Campaign Timing

An effective media buyer builds its campaign timing based on data, taking into account the client’s sales history, holiday calendars, school vacations, and other relevant data points.  This allows us to maximize sales during peak times and minimize waste during slower periods.  It is strategic campaigns of this nature that allow our clients’ dollars to go further, driving up sales revenue while driving down marketing dollars.

Geographic Focus

A truly efficient media buy remains geographically focused.  This success lives in existing data points, through a thorough zip-code analysis of past purchasers.  This will allow a buyer to focus their digital campaign, their out-of-home campaign, any cable TV zones, and non-traditional media to ‘fish-where-the-fish-are’.  All while layering a strategic discount/added-value campaign on geographic territories that have not traditionally converted as we begin to qualify new sales zones.


The following map showcases how Immerse Agency would utilize your sales history to chart your success showcasing your sales data, acting as the basis of a much more strategic marketing plan:

Map of Denver area media buying by zip code

Traditional Media Works!

At Immerse Agency, we believe strategically placed, hyper focused traditional media works when properly integrated to the rest of your media mix.

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