Whether your business needs the complete digital package or an in-depth look at one core digital function, Immerse Agency is your one-stop-shop. We build fully integrated digital marketing funnels that drive qualified new leads and move them through your sales funnel.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    No longer should digital marketing be defined by buying ads on the website of your local newspaper, radio station, or TV Station. Nor should you be rolling your campaign over one year after another as new opportunities continue to evolve.

    Your digital advertising strategy is vital to your success!

    Focusing on customized strategic elements specific to your business and industry will incorporate an individualized strategy that encompasses a well-thought-out, fully integrated digital media mix. This will include, at minimum, social media marketing, Google’s suite (Search Ads / YouTube / Display / Retargeting), search engine optimization, a fully-fleshed out, optimized website, and custom platforms to suit your business type.

    Immerse Agency specializes in these fully integrated digital campaigns that qualify new customers, work them through your digital sales funnel, and retarget them in areas they fall from your site to ensure you close your deal.  Contact us for a customized recommendation for your business.

  • Paid Social Media

    What was once just a digital buzz word, social media, is now a driving force of sales for businesses across the globe. Consumers don’t fully follow how it works, why they see ads for precisely what they are looking for at exactly the right time, but at Immerse Agency, we do. Our team of seasoned digital marketing experts can put this know-how to work for your company, maximizing sales while driving down acquisition costs. We do this by qualifying your customers before they see your ads! As social media platforms-Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok and similar – continue to evolve their advertising platforms and capabilities rapidly, Immerse Agency remains at the forefront, living and breathing social campaigns day-in, day-out.

  • Google Search Ads

    Many companies we come across have a Google Ads campaign. A majority of them haven’t kept up with the ever-changing capabilities and, most importantly, best practices of the platform (things like structured snippets, ad extensions, negative keywords, and real-time bidding). As a Google Partner, Immerse Agency is able optimize your campaign to its fullest, driving down your average cost per click while driving up the quality of those clicks. We drive results.

    Want your ‘search’ campaign to show up on Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, Twitter, and other search platforms? Of course, we can do that too! We’re ready to get to work for you; give us a call today!

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    Website Development

    It’s the modern ‘face’ to your business. You may have a charming brick and mortar store, but a lousy website won’t feature your brand, showcase your products, or highlight your services.   We work closely with our clients to create a cohesive look and feel to their website to match their brand esthetic.  Our team can provide copywriting, design, e-commerce, digital ad integration, call to action, and much more for your website needs. Let us do the heavy lifting on your next web project.

    At Immerse Agency, we are full-service website designers & developers.  Need a website overhaul?  We have you covered.  Just need a website consultation, we can handle that too.   Feel free to give us a call, and we’ll have a look at your site and chat with you through our approach.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is an ongoing, consistent project that your company should be doing to maintain your organic search ranking. As Google (and other platforms) ranking algorithm changes, so should your approach. Hiring an agency with this knowledge at their fingertips is vital to your success because those old tactics buried deep on your website from 2015 are hurting your ranking, not helping. Our team at Immerse Agency will remain focused on many critical elements of your SEO. We are at the forefront of enhancing site rankings, and we encourage you to give our innovative approach a shot. Contact us for a custom strategy.

  • Organic Social Media

    Running a creative, organic social media campaign is timely and requires more know-how than you may have thought when you started your social media platforms. However, these campaigns are quickly becoming the face of your company, and an adequately run campaign is vital to increasing your database and, thus, your sales. We have proprietary know-how in working with companies efficiently to streamline, execute, and grow your social platforms. We are eager to get to work with you on your next social media campaign.

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