Captivating design is fueled by creative minds. People who are clever, sharp, and innovative change the industry and dispel the norm. Immerse Agency encourages a work environment that allows creativity to thrive, which permeates into our work and ultimately into our product. With an insightful, strategic, and proactive approach to creative design, we transform our clients’ visions, values, and identity into art – we use that art as a catalyst to enhance their sales. Let us be your touchstone to a newer, brighter vision of your business.

  • Branding

    We work with our clients to craft smarter, more eye-catching branding, including logo design, key art, style guide, fonts, and colors. We think a strong design stands on its own with powerful iconography, kinetic imagery, and noticeable colors. You want your brand to stand out and be unique to your business; we can help you get there. We’ve designed and consulted on logos and key art for a number of national clients; this work is always about developing a larger story, crafting interest, and building intrigue. Our local small business clients need to tell a different story. From intelligent and creative, to luxurious and beautiful, to homey and welcoming, we create the best logo and branding that fits you and your business. Whether you’re a new brand starting out or looking for a brand refresh, let us create your whole brand package.

  • Video Production

    Putting your brand in motion has one of the largest impacts in advertising. We are your go-to team to put together meaningful video clips, from in-store explainers to fleshed out commercials. Immerse Agency is at the helm of many successful ad campaigns for our clients. Our goal is always to make the most impactful video content for your business. We know not everyone requires a full set or multi-day shoots, so we spec out a custom schedule, price to suit, and always make the smartest recommendations to our clients for the most bang-for-your-buck. We also efficiently utilize video for multiple platforms and maximized that to its fullest reach, so your TV spot can be edited for digital use too. We’ll make your work and brand shine through video.

  • Advertising Creative

    Making your mark is just as important to us as it is to your business. Being creative in advertising can span a lot of traditional assets like billboards, as well as digital assets such as display ads.  At Immerse Agency, throughout this process, we take stock of what really matters, driving sales. We make animated ads, bus wraps, coasters, posters, and much more – built to suit your brand from the ground up. We strive to create the best advertising creative that matches the aesthetic of your brand but also capture the milliseconds we have to create a real impression. From Google display ads to home page takeovers; social media videos to old-school print ads, our work ensures meaningful interactions with your potential customers.

  • And Much More

    Immerse Agency has its finger on the pulse of all kinds of creative media. From writing, producing, and running radio spots, to custom specked venue signage, to dynamic, interactive touch screens, and much more. If you need help creating something special or want your brand and creative assets made right the first time, choose us, and experience what it’s like to work with an agency that understands your needs.

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