7 Marketing Tips to Increase Museum Attendance

Are you looking for tactics to increase the attendance at your museum or institution? Here are 7 Marketing tactics for increasing museum attendance that can drastically increase attendance both in the short term and long term.


  1. The Truth is in the Data
    1. First, perform a zip code analysis of past attendees to determine your core geographic footprint. This will allow you to appropriately advertise in the areas where you are already having success.
  2. Fish Where the Fish Are
    1. Review attendance trends to determine the ebbs and flows of attendance. Following this examination, layer your advertising at the time of year where you have had the highest propensity to move the tickets. Adversely, layer you discount strategy when ticket sales are the slowest.
  3. Be More than Just a Pillar of the Community
    1. You are already a major institution in the community; businesses want to work with you. It is imperative that you weave your institution into the fabric of the community. Libraries and visitors bureaus are a great place to start. Branching into large brand name companies like chain restaurants, supermarkets, and automobile dealerships will help complete the process.
  4. A Free Bit of Advice about Free Advertising
    1. If you are designated as a non-profit, apply for a Google Adwords Grant-https://www.google.com/grants/. How does $10,000 of FREE advertising EVERY month sound? Yeah, well many nonprofits have no idea that by applying for a Google Ads grant, they will get just that.
  5. Stay on Target
    1. Facebook Advertising works! It is a low-cost method that is extremely targeted. Further, it is a smart way to reach your customer base. A tip within a tip: always do Facebook’s ads and don’t boost your posts.
  6. Not All Attendees are Created Equally
    1. Influencers are called influences for a reason. They can make or break your museum attendance, so why not invite them (and their families) to your museum with no strings attached. Radio Hosts, concierges, bloggers can all become ambassadors for your brand after a simple invitation.
  7. Trim the Fat
    1. Is your marketing budget too small? Maybe you just need to review your current practices. Identify what is either a nonstarter, inefficient, or just ineffective and then make the necessary changes to free up your budget for what actually works (see 1-6)
  8. Time can be on your Side
    1. Create a PR timeline. It might seem basic, but communication with the local press is vital for earned media


If you need help with any of these tactics and/or need more marketing help in general, feel free to contact us. We specialize in marketing for museums and other ticketed events.

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